Are You the filter?

Because if you don’t have a water filter, YOU are the filter. Find out how we can help you drink safe, healthy water from every tap in your home.

Kitchen Water Filtration

Kitchen Water Filters make safe and healthy water flow from your existing tap, new 3-way mixer tap  or from a traditional separate water filter tap.

Water Pumps

New Technology Water Pumps will pay for themselves in 4-5 years in energy savings, delivering constant water pressure and being very quiet.

Whole House Water Filtration

Sick of bathing in chemicals or worse drinking them? Let us reduce them from all the water entering your home, so its safe, healthy water from every tap.

UV Water Systems

UV water filtration and systems to protect your home from bacteria, ecoli, giardia and cryptosporidium

Onsite Service at Your Place

Service on your doorstep, or in your pump shed, garage or even under your kitchen sink.

Rain Water Harvesting

Pre-Tank Filters – filter the water before your tank, digital tank gauges, water tanks, system and design.

We Love Water

We are passionate about water, learning the best ways to manage water, treat water and make it safe for you. Water is a finite resource, abundant in New Zealand. Wisdom is us combining our knowledge & products for our sustainable future.

The Newest Technology

Water Pumps that pay for themselves, UV filter systems that are energy efficient, NZ made Ultra-Filtration systems – the ultimate filtration.

Get Your Filter System or Pump Serviced

Dedicated service team, fully trained & certified techs, schedulers and a service system that tells us when your water filter system needs a service – never miss a service again. On time Every time.

Our job is to help you Drink Healthy Water

Water is a finite resource, it falls from the sky, or we pump it out from deep underground. We can catch it in tanks, referred to as rainwater harvesting; we can catch in in dams, pump from rivers or underground. These sources are where mains/town water originates.

Every type of water has contaminants in it, either from the way we catch it, like ecoli & giardia on tank water or it has chemicals added to it such as in mains/town water.

Our job is to help you drink healthy water in your home and workplace, and then service the filtration system or water pump in a timely organised manner, so you keep drinking healthy water.

Our clients range from big to small, from apartments to big commercial applications delivering to multiple sites.

We are experts in contaminants removal and reduction, from chlorine in your cup of tea to heavy metals, water scaling issues on your shower glass, or possums, ecoli or giardia in your tank water, we can make your water safe.

If you have a commercial application, we can write you a water management plan, install the correct certified products and make sure you comply with all the NZ Drinking Water Standards.

Get Free Onsite Appraisal

We’ve Been Making Water Safe and Healthy For Over 18 years

We’re local too, living and working in the beautiful Rodney District. We actively support our local communities, the same way we support all our customers and provide service covering the Rodney District, Coast to Coast from Waipu to Albany.

Client Testimonials

We built a new home on mains water and got Steve and the team to stop all the water spots in our new bathrooms, and to reduce the chlorine and heavy metals, making our water taste good so we could drink it straight from every tap.


Snells Beach

Our family had Giardia, Steve came out to our home for a free on site visit, and he guaranteed me a UV filter system that would reduce Giardia and ecoli making my water safe to drink from my tank water. He also replaced the water pump while he was there as my current one was playing up.


Kaipara Flats

When we built our new home Steve consulted with us on the best way to drink safe healthy water. We installed a UV filter system, whole house carbon system, pre-tank water filters and digital tank level indicators. Our water is safe to drink and tastes amazing.



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