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‘Often not thought about – until you have no water, usually occurring on a Friday afternoon or whilst you’re in the shower’         
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New Replacement Water Pumps

New invertor technology water pumps and  traditional style pumps

Urgent Water Pump Repairs & Service

Onsite call out service at your home or work. Call Steve  0800 278 288

Free Water Pump Checks on site.

We offer a free water pump check, so you know the expected condition and life of your pump.

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New Replacement Water Pumps

It’s not one size fits all. Water pumps must be matched to the maximum demand from the home, with distance from the tanks to home and the size pipes you have. Get this wrong and water pumps will cavitate or not switch off and not function correctly. Call us and let us match the right pump to your home.

New Inverter Technology water pumps are very energy efficient, extremely quiet and deliver constant water pressure. Call us on 0800 278 288 to find out how much money these new technology pumps will save you. In some case’s it has been $7-8 per week. These pumps literally pay for themselves.

We also service, fix and repair water pumps in Rodney, and investigate this before water pump replacement.

Urgent Water Pump Repairs and Service

No Water? Pump sounding noisier than usual? Water pump buzzing/humming?  Our team can fix all of these issues. We do our best to respond immediately to a water pump call out.

All three of our service vehicles in Rodney, carry loan water pumps and new pumps, so we can get you up and running, usually within 60 minutes once on site.

Call or Txt Steve today on our Call Out Number 0800 278 288 if you have any of these water pump issues:

  • Noisey Water pump keeps running
  • Annoying Water pump doesn’t/won’t start
  • Water pump keeps starting and stopping
  • Blasted Water pump doesn’t turn off
  • Flaming Water pump has run dry!
  • Stupid Water pump keeps you up at night
  • Air  bubbles in water in the home
  • Loud Water pump cavitating
  • Water pump losses prime
  • Air in the suction line of water pump
  • No water in the home, pump failure
  • Noisey Pump keeps neighbours up at night
  • Water pump sounds noisy
  • The pump makes an unusual sound
  • is the water pump seized
  • Are the pump bearings rumbling
  • Is the water pump leaking water
  • Internal damage in the pump

Water Pump System Design and Installations

It’s not one size fits all when it comes to water pumps. If you want the water to work right in your home, new or old then let us look at your system design and specify the right pump for the size home or application you have. You want consistent water pressure and flow from every tap in your home. We can make your home run 5 showers at the same time with no loss of pressure, or we have solutions to deliver constant water pressure to 2 showers or 50 showers at the same time.

The pump system needs to be designed and work in conjunction with the delivery suction lines from your water tank, the filtration system you have (we recommend UV filter system), and the delivery lines to the homes. Do you have multiple water tanks, do they connect at the bottom? Is there a need for the water tanks to equalise as water is drawn from them? Does the water tanks fill evenly from the roof?  Is one tank a detention tank? How many lines run to your home? are there multiple delivery lines? whats the maximum delivery of water needed to the site if all the taps were turned on?

We answer all these questions and design a system that fits your site,  your requirements, and we make sure the pump can actually do what you need it to do.

Custom design and install commercial systems. We have set water pump systems up for schools, golf clubs, petrol stations, shops, dentists, apartment blocks, food outlets, retail shops and farm supplies. We can custom design a system just for you and your application. Call 0800 278 288 today and get your water pumping.

Type of pumps we supply and Service

We service and repair all types of water pumps. Call us or Txt if urgent on 0800 278 288 if you have no water. Main brand pumps can be fixed and repaired, however, it’s often cheaper, in the long run, to replace water pumps if they are over 5ys old or showing signs of rust or have cast iron components.

If you have a noisy pump it could be an indicator that it needs some repair work as bearings and seals could be damaged. If your pump is leaking water then call us as it won’t be long before major work is needed to fix it up. If your water pump is buzzing/humming or won’t start then there is likely an electrical issue. Call us we fix all these faults:

  • DAB Esybox Mini Pumps
  • DAB Esybox Max Pumps
  • DAB Jet Pumps Jetcom, Jetinox
  • DAB Multistage Pumps, Euroinox
  • DAB Submersible Pumps, Divertron
  • AL-KO water pump
  • Zenit water pumps
  • Davey Torrium water pump
  • Davey HM series pump
  • Davey HS, HM, HJ
  • Davey XF, XJ series pumps
  • Grundfos CMB Pumps
  • Grundfos CME, JP6
  • Grundfos Scala2
  • Pentax water pump
  • Trevoli Water pumps
  • Bianco Water pumps
  • Davies pumps
  • ICON pump and controllers
  • Lowara range of pumps
  • Onga JS, SMH

Locations We Service Water Pumps

We personally cover the Rodney District with 3 service vehicles and cover from Mangawhai down to Albany, including Paremoremo and Okura.

Call us on 0800 278 288 to book your water pump service.

  • Mangawhai, Kaiwaka, Wellsford, Warkworth,
  • Kaipara Flats, Omaha, Point Wells, Leigh, Matakana
  • Snells Beach, Algies Bay, Sandspit
  • Puhoi, Mahurangi West, Waiwera
  • Hatfields Beach, Orewa, Red Beach, Waitoki
  • Silverdale, Millwater, Stillwater, Wainui
  • Gulf Harbour, Stanmore Bay, Arkles Bay
  • North Albany, Dairy Flat, Coatesville, Okura,
  • Paremoremo Kaukapakapa, Helensville

Free Onsite Water Pump Check

Yes, free onsite water pump checks. This for anyone who has a water pump that’s working. It is not a call out service, we offer that too (and charge for it), however, this is for people who aren’t sure whether the pump they have is OK for them, OR how long since it has been serviced, OR if its the healthiest water pump for their drinking water.

Its an advice based consultation, so we can explain to you the water pressure system you have, how long it may have been in place and offer suggestions as to how long it may last and a replacement time frame. Its no obligation and is designed to help you understand your home and how it works.  Perhaps you have just bought a property and need a better understanding of what you have, or your water pump is something you haven’t paid much attention or thought to recently.

Call us on 0800 278 288 to book your free onsite water pump check.

*you need to be the property owner and it’s best if you are onsite with us when we visit.

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