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Whole House Filters

Installations, sales and onsite mobile service for all types of whole house filters

Underbench Filters

New installs, and onsite servicing, any make, type or brand of filter. In-line and bench top

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Whole House Filters

Whole house filtration, is the current trend on mains water supply. Why filter one tap in the kitchen, when you can filter the water in your whole home. Feel the difference when your showering and bathing in chemical, chlorine-free water, it really makes a difference. Drink the water and brush your teeth from any tap in your home. Even your pets and plants, if you water your garden, will notice the difference. We can also reduce the heavy metals in your water and reduce the water spotting on your glass showers and splashbacks or even your car. 

It’s not one size fits all when it comes to whole house filtration. We prefer to come to you, look at your home and how its plumbed, have a conversation with you and find out what you really want in a whole house water filter. We then make recommendations based on what you want and match it to the range of products we have available.

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Whole House Water Filter Service

We install the best and service the rest. It’s that simple really, we run three service vehicles throughout the Rodney District in Auckland. We cover from Waipu to Albany coast to coast and will refer you to one of our team outside these areas. Whatever type of filter you have we can service it for you. We carry a huge range of filters and can service and replace most types of filters in your home.

Filter systems we service are:-

  • Aqua Filter, Whole House
  • Whole house media tanks
  • Loose carbon filters
  • Water Softener Filtration
  • Water Treatment Whole House
  • Purely Water, Whole house
  • Kiwi Pure whole house systems and Ionisers
  • HRV Water whole house filter system
  • Tru Water Filters
  • NZ Filter Warehouse
  • Puretec Water Filters
  • Pure Flo Pro Whole House Filters
  • Taylor Purification Water Filters
  • Pure Water Services filters
  • Mountain Fresh Water Filters
  • Alpine Pure Filters
  • Davey, Microlene Whole House
  • Hygiene Direct Water Filtration System

Underbench Water Filters

This is where the industry started in New Zealand, the humble underbench water filter. We still install underbench filters as they are a cost effective way to drink healthy water free from chlorine and chemicals and also heavy metals. We have a range of 4 modern taps/faucets to choose from and you can pick one on site when we get to your place. The most popular is the platinum and designer taps.

Popular today for the minimalistic kitchen is the option to filter all the water going through your existing mixer tap. This means there’s only 1 tap on the bench – the one you currently have. We have 2 filter options available for our inline water filters.

Other solutions we have include:-  Instant hot/cold filtered systems, sparkling water, chilled water, reverse osmosis filters, or RO, fluoride reduction, heavy metals reduction and chemical reduction.

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Underbench Water Filter Service

We service all types of underbench and bench top filters, even the hard to get parts for ones! So give us a call, we can advise on site the best replacement filter and change it over on the spot. We also service and replace leaky water filter taps, so, stop the drips and make sure your pipe and connections are safe and will last until the next service interval.

Did you know that filter housings need to be replaced every 10 years as per manufacturers recommendations? We can upgrade systems to the latest technology filters and the latest style modern tapware. Do you have an old water filter tap with a black handle? Is it leaking?  We always replace these taps, they are NOT lead-free and will not meet the new Watermark standards coming in.

Call us today for a free onsite conversation at your place 0800 278 288

  • Underbench filters we service-
  • Aqua Filter Underbench filters
  • Microlene Quick Connect
  • Mountain fresh
  • Taylor Purification
  • IFKDF-L, KDF/GAC 30/1
  • Insinkerator Hot/Cold filters F701R
  • Sapphire Deluxe, Pentek Filter
  • In-Line filter, Twin Filter System
  • Stephani Carbon Water Filter
  • Tri-Flow Mixer Taps
  • Lead-Free Ceramic Filter Tap
  • Solid Carbon Block, KDF
  • Granular Activated Carbon – GAC
  • Fluoride Reduction, Activated Aluminum
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
  • Tru water & Puretec filters
  • Everpure and Pentair

Fridge Filter Replacement

If you have an external fridge filter we have good news. We can save you $$$. Let us upgrade your fridge filter and put in the USA made, 2 yr filter. This will save you money as most fridge filters are fairly pricey and require replacement every 6 months. We can also supply and install fridge filter connection kits if yours is missing.

WARNING- If you are on tank water and have any type/kind of fridge filter, call us immediately. ALL fridge filters are not suitable for microbiologically unsafe water, that means tank water, rainwater or shallow bore water. Bacteria and E-coli can live inside your filter and will multiply, causing unnecessary sickness. We have a solution for this, please call and talk to us.

Call us today for a free onsite conversation at your place 0800 278 288

  • External Fridge Filters We Can Replace-
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • LG Fridge BL9808
  • LG Fridge 5231JA2006A
  • Haier Fridge Filter
  • GE Fridge Filter
  • 3M Fridge filters
  • Cuno Fridge Filters
  • Samsung Fridges
  • Whirlpool & Westinghouse
  • Samsung DA29-10105J
  • BOSCH Fridge Filter

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Covid 19 Update – Level 4

The health, safety and well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers, and our wider community continues to be our top priority. At Level 4, in the Auckland region (until at least 11.59pm Tuesday 14th September), we are only open for emergency repairs and essential services. This includes:
  • Water pump repairs & service 
  • UV filter servicing
  • UV installations where potable water is necessary ie. every home on tank water.
  • Hot water cylinder installations & repairs
  • Essential plumbing

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