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We have been servicing the Greater Rodney District for over 18 years. We cover Waipu to Albany, coast to coast. We also have colleagues we work closely with up and down the country covering most of NZ.

We provide onsite advice for new systems either on rainwater, bore water or mains water. We come up with recommendations to match your budget and requirements. We then provide all the products, install the water filter, UV filtration or water pump systems and then set you up on our scheduled service plan so your system and your health is protected into the future.


Water Filtration

We help you drink healthy safe water from every tap in your home

Water Pumps

Constant water pressure and flow from every tap in your home. That’s what you want , that’s what we deliver.

Service and Maintenance

Onsite UV filter systems, kitchen water filters and water pump servicing, replacement and maintenance – at your place.

More about – Are You The Filter

Are you the filter – or the concept of us being the filter was an ‘Aha’ moment 18 years ago for Steve, having gotten sick from drinking contaminated rainwater.

There was a massive thinking problem with our Kiwi psyche, especially around the water we were drinking – “she’ll be right” I kept being told, well no it’s not alright when I had various liquids coming from multiple orifices! No definitely NOT alright with me!

I still hear this quipped to me today on the odd occasion, however, our thinking and acceptance have changed. Most people know that we need to treat rainwater and protect ourselves from un-necessarily getting sick from ecoli, giardia, cryptosporidium or campylobacter.

For the homeowner, there are no regulations regarding the quality of water you choose to drink. However, this changes if you’re a landlord, charging people $$ for accommodation or business services.

Are You The Filter’ questions the quality of your drinking and bathing water. What contaminants are acceptable for your family to drink? Do you want to reduce the levels of chlorine and heavy metals or sterilise the water from E-coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium?

If you don’t have a filter, then are you the filter?  Its a bit like ‘you are what you eat’, well we think, you are what you drink too!

Getting the water right in your home is a combination of getting proven advice, trusted products installed and a commited company to service and maintain your system.

This is who we are – 18 years proven advice, trusted products installed by a proffesional commited team with a systemised plan to service your filtration system and water pump at correct service intervals.

Helping you make the right choices and drink healthy safe water is why we do, what we do.

Who are we?


Our Mission

To help you STOP being the filter!

Our Core Purpose

To purify todays water one tap at a time, in homes and workplaces. Empowering home owners to make their drinking water safe and healthy, using trusted brands and our service professionals.

Our Team

We are a small team who are more like whanau and friends. We work together, play together and are passionate about the customers we serve and the products we offer. Having been doing this for 18 years we have built trusted relationships with our clients who see us as part of their team, enriching their lives & lifestyle.

Our Community

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill.   Following Winston’s and others ethos we actively invest in our communities, supporting Springboard Community Trust, Hospice, Westpac Resuce Helicopter,  Rotary & Lions. We practically help serving school boards, helping run local community festivals & organisations and Boys Brigade/ICONZ.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

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‘Water is our business  –  helping you drink safe healthy water – that is our Passion.’

Steve Reynolds. founder of:
Are You the Filter | Aqua Filter Rodney | Pure Water Services North Ltd

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