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Our Showroom & Office

2a Mill Lane, Warkworth 0910

Showroom & Office Hours

M-F: 9 am – 4.30 pm

After Hours Call Out

7 days  6.00 am – 8.00 pm   0274 787 427

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Get In Touch

What areas do you cover?
We personally cover the whole of the Rodney District with 3 service vehicles. We cover from Waipu and Mangawhai in the North to Albany, Paremoremo and Okura in the South, and coast to coast covering all the bits in between. We also have a nationwide service division we can use to get the job done at your place.
Do you have a call out service?
Yes, we have a callout service and can come to your place fix your water pump or sort your filters out. If you have no water, brown water, smelly water or rotten water give us a call and we can fix the issues/problems.
My UV water filter alarm is beeping
Give us a call. 0212 787 427 This usually means the system needs a service. Sometimes it means there is an issue with the UV controller or UV lamp. Stop drinking the water until we can get to you and fix the issue and get you drinking safe water again.
I have no water, I think my water pump is broken
Txt, our response team on 0274787427 this is the fastest way to reach us, especially out of hours. Or call the office 094256080 or 0212787427 during normal office hours. We can dispatch a service tech to fix your water pump or replace it.
I have smelly, dirty, foul tasting water
Sounds like you need to call us – 0212787427

We fix smelly dirty water issues. It could be a number of things from water tanks that need cleaning to filters that are blocked, pipes broken, suction lines clogged or contamination in your water tank. We need to get onsite to see what’s happening and make recommendations and get it sorted for you. We are very good at fixing water problems fast.