9 Reasons you should consider the New DAB E.sybox Water Pump for your home.

1 – It will save you money

The E.sybox is equipped with inverter technology frequency-controlled system. It measures flow and pressure ensuring the pump will only run at the speed required to pump water from A to B at constant pressure. The pump has a soft start, which is where the power savings come into play. In addition to its energy-saving features, this also extends the lifespan of the pump.

2 – Most advanced Water Pump on the market.

The DAB E.sybox is the most advanced water pump available when it comes to moving water. Used in a wide range of situations, from home pressure boosting to supplying commercial premises this pump does it all. Looking for an easy to use water pump that requires no further customisation? The DAB E.sybox is the perfect solution!

This pump is highly suited for applications that require high or low water flow rates For example, in your home (multiple taps, showers, baths, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, etc.) but also in combination with more than 1 Esybox it can combine up to 4 pumps working together to produce large volumes of water on demand, up to 480l/min.

3 – Packed with common sense features which benefit you, the user.

The E.sybox has a water-cooled motor, which is fully resistant to corrosion. The motor can pump a maximum of 7,200 litres per hour, for which it uses the 2 l pressure vessel. This vessel has a 5-year warranty, without any applicable maintenance conditions. In addition, the E.sybox has a number of technical highlights, such as:

  • Electronic speed adjuster guarantees a constant pressure
  • Start/stop function equipped inverter, for specific water pressures in certain situations.
  • Multi-stage, providing you with additional pressure when required
  • Different sensors, including Electronic pressure difference sensor, built-in temperature sensor and a flow rate/capacity meter.
  • On average, the DAB E.sybox is 30% more compact compared to traditional pump setups.
  • In addition to the beautifully designed housing (winner of the Product Design Award 2013), this pressure-boosting system is equipped with a high-resolution LCD display (70×40 mm). In combination with the highly user-friendly interface, this makes the DAB E.sybox a joy to operate. In addition, the housing is also equipped with an anti-vibration foot, making the E.sybox even more silent and comfortable to use.


4 – Most Quiet domestic Water Pump in New Zealand – hands down

This pump is labelled ‘silent’. Naturally, a pump will produce a noise like any other electrical device, but special attention was paid to the noise level. Thanks to its very low noise level, this pump can also be installed in a home without causing a nuisance pump don’t come any more silent than these ones. TEST ONE TODAY – call into our showroom – 2 Mill Lane, Warkworth and test the shop one running from 5l/m to 120l/min

5 – Constant Water Pressure in your home from every tap

This water pump has a variable speed control system. The variable speed control system is useful for pumps which have multiple water taps connected. If one tap is activated, the pump will power up to a low level. If you turn on multiple taps, the pump will increase its RPM as required. Pumps without a variable speed control system will pump at full power, regardless of the capacity required. These pumps can only be turned on or off, making them far less energy-efficient. The variable speed control system is therefore often seen in systems with variable water demand and frequent or long periods of use, such as water pressure boosting in your home.

6 – Dry Run Protection on Water Pump

The pump is protected against dry running. Most pumps can’t run dry for long or at all. This can result in the pump jamming and/or burning out immediately. This can happen when the water tank runs dry, and the pump is no longer able to suck in water. Domestic pumps are particularly vulnerable to this.  The Esybox will try starting multiple times for 24 hrs looking for water after it has switched off from run dry protection. It’s a very smart pump that protects itself.

7 – Its made by DAB, in Italy.

DAB is one of the most popular water pump brands for consumers as well as professionals. These pumps use very high-quality standards and components. Before a pump is put on sale, each unit is tested manually by an employee. This is DAB’s way of ensuring you get the highest possible quality. DAB has a solution for practically every situation. Whether it’s an industrial application or just irrigating your garden. DAB’s professional quality is also evident in their range of consumer products. The DAB pumps we replace for people are often over ten years old.

8 – Built-in Pressure Tank

This pump has a factory built-in pressure tank. This can be useful in a number of situations. Particularly if the pump has to supply water occasionally (drip feed) A pump without a tank will pulse (switch on and off all the time) A pump with a tank can satisfy the demand for water from the tank, which means it doesn’t have to start up every time. These pumps are great for, for instance, drip hoses for even irrigation or filling a toilet tank, which also happens slowly. The second advantage of a tank is that the so-called ‘water hammer’ is strongly reduced. Water hammer is the shock your pipes endure when a tap is opened fully and quickly. Pumps that produce high-pressure straightaway can exacerbate water hammer. This pump’s (built-in) tank prevents that. It also has a 5 yr warranty on the pressure tank and requires no maintenance.

9 – DAB trained local technicians and company to provide instant local support for your DAB pump.

Are you the filter / Aqua Filter Rodney has three DAB trained pump techs covering the whole of Rodney. We can recommend/advise on new pumps, recommend replacement pumps and fix and repair most common brand pumps. For a free water pump check, call Raewyn in the office on 0212787427

If you have no water and its urgent – call or Txt Steve for an urgent callout 0274787427

Cheers Steve

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