We service all brands of water pumpsIs your water pump making funny noises?

Often noticing something unusual in the tone or usual noise of the pump is the first sign something is wrong. If this sounds like your water pump then call us today – this is urgent 021 2787 427

Unusual noises can mean that your pump needs some maintenance or even replacement. Water pumps sometimes need bearings replaced, seals replaced or sometimes can pick up a stone or debris in an impeller causing the funny sound. We suggest urgent action so that if your pump is serviceable we can get to it before it wears too much and becomes uneconomical to repair, and you’re left with the need for a brand new pump.

That’s OK too, our new DAB water pumps have inverter technology inside and can save you money just on power consumption.

If you have no water, then call or txt Steve on 0274 787 427 for an urgent call out