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6 Reasons To Call Us When You Need a New Water Pump!

1 – You have no water! your pump has failed and broken down. If this is you then urgently Txt Steve on 0274787427. He can dispatch a tech urgently to your home and get you up and running. All our service vehicles carry loan pumps and new pumps for this very situation. We can fix and repair most water pumps as long as they are a recognisable brand name. We carry lots of spares for easy fixes. However, if your pump is older than 4 years old there’s a good chance it needs replacing for the reasons below.

2 – Your pump is over 4 years old. It used to be that a quality pump would last 10 years plus. We have some customers who have pumps 18 plus years old and still going strong. However things have changed, most electrical components are designed for a lifetime of 5 years. We are seeing water pumps fail much quicker than we used to, especially the no-brand cheap ones. With the cost of labour and parts, it’s often cheaper, in the long run, to replace a pump rather than fix it, especially if its the motor or the pump.

3 – We can get your new pump to pay for itself!  Yes, that’s right, the new technology DAB Esybox pumps will make your power bills lower! They have a soft start and don’t use heaps of power to get started every time there’s a drip or a tap started. We estimate the 80lpm pump will save $4-5 dollars a week and the larger 120lpm between $7-8 per week.

4 – Your current Water pump is noisy. We see lots of these, pump near a bedroom? under the house? do you hear it everytime it turns on? The new DAB Esyboxs are whisper quiet running at 45dB and below. They are quite a different noise, which you will love.

5 – Constant water pressure in your home. That’s right constant flow and pressure, feel like your on mains water supply. Our new DAB pumps deliver constant pressure because they measure flow and pressure and the pump boosts itself so you always have constant pressure. Never have a cold shower again!!

Call Steve and the team today to get your pump looked at, bookings at 0212 787 427