UV servicing should be carried out by a trained professional. UV’s must be serviced according to the UV manufacturers recommendations. This means they must be regularly stripped down, cleaned, quartz sleeves checked and UV lamps replaced. As part of this service, we also replace the 2 filters and sterilise the water lines into your home. This part is critical and must be done according to UV manufacturers recommendations. We service all leading brands of UV systems, Davey Sterilfo, Centurion, Aquasheild, Aqua Filter UV systems, Puretec UV systems, hybrids, Viqua UV, Bug Buster UV systems, Sterilight UV’s, Greenway, Splenvue UV, Luminor UV, UV Water Systems, Water Guard, Alpine Pure and many more. Call Us today and get your UV serviced booked in, professional service giving you peace of mind 0212787427